Our plans and any add-ons are paid for in advance by a credit or debit card payment.

We make it quick and easy to get going! There are no BACS payments or Direct Debits and credit searches aren’t needed.

We request payment on the day of your plan purchase/renewal. This transaction might not show on your bank statement until the next few working days.

We recommend setting up auto renew to save yourself a monthly to-do job. Here's a guide on setting up auto renew.

Benefits of auto renew: you’ll never need to remember to pay for the month you want to use Superdrug Mobile; you’ll always have service available! In the unlikely event you decide to leave us (boohoo!), you can choose to stop renewing and using our network. 

We’ve got your back: if you choose not to set up auto-renew we’ll send you a couple of reminders near your renew date to make sure you’re not without mobile service unexpectedly. We’ll drop you a text and an email 7 days before your plan is due to expire, and again the day before. 

If you don’t auto renew (and you forget to pay), your plan will become inactive. Eek! If this happens you won’t be able to use any Superdrug Mobile services, such as using data, sending or receiving calls/texts, etc..

Are there times when auto renew doesn’t, um, auto renew?

There can be times when a payment doesn’t go through. This is rare and we’ll contact you via text and email straightaway so that we can get you back on track ASAP.

Need more help?

You can contact us via web chat – we love to chat! Web chat is available 8am-8pm, 7 days a week (excluding Bank Holidays).

If you need help outside of these times, you can still submit your question via web chat and leave your email address or mobile number. We’ll reply as soon as possible.

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