Question: have you still got the original card we sent you (the one you popped your SIM out of)?

Yes, I’ve still got it!

Great! We sent you 3 sizes of SIM as part of this card:

  • Standard SIM (the biggest size): if you’re using this one and you need a smaller version, you’ll notice it has 2 different sizes ready to be popped out inside it. 

  • Micro SIM (the middle size): if you’re using this one and need a smaller version, there’s a smaller size within it ready to be popped out.

  • Nano SIM (the smallest size): if you’re using this one and need to switch to a bigger size (if you still have the original card), the nano SIM fits back inside the card, so you can use this one instead.

I threw it away – boohoo!

You can order a new SIM by getting in touch with us via web chat. Head to our home page and select 'Chat now'.

Good to know: your new phone needs to be 3G and 4G compatible for everything to work.

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