From time to time you may receive calls or text messages from different companies promoting or trying to sell you their services. These can be known as 'nuisance calls'.

Sometimes the messages or calls are from service providers who you previously bought things from (like entering a competition or playing a game).  If this is happening, you may have opted-in to receive marketing information as part of the sales process.  If you would like to opt-out and stop receiving these calls or messages, just contact the service provider directly and asked to be removed from their marketing list.

To find out who the service provider is and how to contact them, go to the Phone-paid Services Authority’s website and enter their number:

Sometimes the messages or calls are from service providers and companies who you have never previously bought things from.

This is known as 'unsolicited marketing'.  You have every right to ask the businesses to stop contacting you.  You may also find that you receive calls where your phone rings, and on answering the call there is no one there.  These ‘silent calls’ are often generated by automatic dialling equipment (which dial several numbers in one go, though there are not enough people to deal with the calls when they are connected).

If you are happy to receive telemarketing calls from some companies but not others, contact the companies who you do not wish to hear from and ask them to remove your details from their marketing lists.

The Telephone Preference Service

A helpful suggestion to reduce or eliminate marketing calls is to register your telephone number with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS).  All companies are obliged to check the TPS list before making marketing calls.  So, if you continue to be called more than 28 days after registering your number with the TPS, you can complain to them about receiving marketing calls.

If you'd like to register your telephone number with the TPS or make a complaint, visit:

Further information about the rules on marketing by telephone and SMS can be found on the website of the Information Commissioner’s Office. Visit:

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