If you're getting messages from a shortcode and are not sure who sent it, you can stop the service by texting the word STOP to the shortcode that appears on your bill or phone. 

If you've been sent a message you didn't ask for and it was sent from a long number, it may be spam. Sending a STOP reply to messages like this won't work and we recommend that you don't respond to them in any way.

If you don't recognise a shortcode 

There may be times where you don't recognise a text or call to a shortcode shown on your account. For example, you might not realise you've paid for something, someone may have used your phone without your consent, or someone you know may have paid for something without your knowledge. 

As the account holder, it is your responsibility for any shortcodes you text or call. 

To talk to us about a specific shortcode transaction in more detail, get in touch with us using the chat icon on www.superdrugmobile.com  

Refunding shortcode charges 

Speak to the service provider in the first instance if you’d like to request a refund. Superdrug Mobile is not responsible for content or services you've bought from other companies and won’t refund purchases you’ve made using shortcodes.  

You can also contact the Phone-paid Services Authority, the UK regulator for content and services purchases, on 0300 30 300 20, or visit their website for more information - www.psauthority.org.uk

If you need help please get in touch using the chat icon on www.superdrugmobile.com  

Need more help?

You can contact us via web chat – we love to chat! Web chat is available 8am-8pm, 7 days a week (excluding Bank Holidays).

If you need help outside of these times, you can still submit your question via web chat and leave your email address or mobile number. We’ll reply as soon as possible.

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