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Emergency SMS service

This service allows deaf, hard of hearing and speech-impaired people in the UK to contact the emergency services by sending a text message to 999. The content of the SMS is translated and the request is passed on to the appropriate emergency service.

You’ll need to register your phone for this service first by texting the word ‘register' to 999. Once you’ve done that, you’ll get an SMS message about the service, which you need to reply “Yes” to. 

You’ll then receive a reply telling you that your mobile is registered (or if there’s been a problem with your registration).

This is something which can potentially save lives, and it’s important to remember that, in exceptional circumstances, this service might not be available. 

If you send an SMS to 999, you should still try to contact the emergency services in other ways until you receive a reply.

Emergency Video Relay Service

999 BSL is the name of the UK’s first ever Emergency Video Relay Service in British Sign Language (BSL). The service is available to download as a smartphone app (iOS and Android) and access as a web-based platform. It launched on 17 June 2022.

Ofcom approved Sign Language Interactions (SLI) as the sole provider of the service, which enables deaf BSL users in the UK to make calls to emergency authorities such as the police, ambulance, fire and coastguard services via BSL video relay interpreters.

You could also try:

  • Dialling 18000 on a textphone.

  • Using the Next Generation Text Lite App.

  • Asking a neighbour, friend or passer-by to dial 999.

  • Installing a smart text to speech reader that allows you to listen to webpages.

Note that the Emergency SMS Service is only available when you're in the UK.
For more information, please go to www.emergencysms.org.uk  

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