How long can I use my SIM outside of the UK?

  • Superdrug Mobile is for UK-based residents only, so if you don’t live here permanently you may be in breach of our T's & C's if you’re not using the account in the way it is intended.

I'm going travelling for 3 months, can I still use my SIM card during this time?

  • Enjoy your travels! Superdrug Mobile is for UK-based residents only. We’re able to offer service to our customers taking holiday trips abroad for short periods of time throughout the year. Anything longer may be in breach of our Ts & Cs – for more info check them out here.

Will anything change regarding free-roaming in the EU with Brexit?

  • We have not yet made any changes to our EU roaming policy. If we update it, we will let you know.

I'm on holiday and my account has stopped working?

  • First of all, please check your phone’s network settings using this guide. In the unlikely event this doesn’t work please contact us via web chat and tell us a bit more about where you are in the world. We can help get this resolved quickly.

How do I avoid data roaming/accidental charges?

  • Easy! Superdrug Mobile is a pre-paid SIM, which means you’ll never go over your limits. If you want to use your phone somewhere which isn’t covered by our roaming, you’ll need to purchase a cash add-on. More about that here.

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