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How long can I use my SIM for outside of the UK?

Superdrug Mobile is for UK-based residents only, so if you don’t live here permanently you may be in breach of our T's & C's if you’re not using the account in the way it is intended.

I'm going travelling for 3 months, can I still use my SIM card during this time?

  • Enjoy your travels! Superdrug Mobile is for UK-based residents only. We’re able to offer service to our customers taking holiday trips abroad for short periods throughout the year. Anything longer may be in breach of our Ts & Cs; for more info check here.

Will anything change regarding free-roaming in the EU with Brexit?

  • There is a Fair Use Policy (FUP) cap of 12GB of free data applied to all plans when travelling to the EU/EEA. If you need more you can purchase a cash add-on by logging into your dashboard.

I'm on holiday and my account has stopped working?

  • First of all, please check your phone’s network settings using this guide. In the unlikely event this doesn’t work please contact us via web chat and tell us a bit more about where you are in the world. We can help get this resolved quickly.

How do I avoid data roaming/accidental charges?

  • Easy! Superdrug Mobile is a pre-paid SIM, which means you’ll never go over your limits. If you want to use your phone somewhere which isn’t covered by our roaming, you’ll need to purchase a cash add-on. More about that here.

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